Jérémie Project, Quebec, Canada

Project Snapshot


Early exploration stage


Detour Fenelon Gold Trend, ~20 kilometres northwest of Grasset Ni-Cu-Co-PGM deposit


Nickel, copper, platinum-group elements (PGM), zinc, silver and gold 


100% Wallbridge

Current exploration activities:

Review of project data for exploration targeting

Mineral resources:


  • Overview

    The Jérémie project is part of the 739 km2 Detour Fenelon Gold Trend land package acquired with the acquisition of Balmoral Resources Ltd. It covers the interpreted northwestern extension of the Grasset Ultramafic Complex (“GUC”) which to the southeast hosts the Grasset Ni-Cu-PGM deposit.  

    Limited exploration work has been carried out on the property. Past drilling on the project intersected felsic to mafic volcanic lithologies, sedimentary units and mafic to ultramafic intrusions confirming the potential for both nickel-copper-PGE and VMS discoveries.

    Maps & Images (click to enlarge)

    Detour-Fenelon Gold Trend Map
    Regional 3D View
  • Brief History

    The known exploration work on the Jérémie property include airborne geophysical surveys and very limited exploration drilling. Only zones of pyrite and pyrrhotite with no significant assays were reported from the historic drilling, which dates as far back as the late 1950’s with the most recent drilling in 2015 by Balmoral. Balmoral intersected anomalous lead, zinc, copper and silver values in one of two holes testing altered felsic lithologies of the Fenelon felsic volcanic complex. 

  • Geology and Mineralization

    Little is known about the detailed geology of the Jérémie property due to extensive overburden cover and very limited drilling. Geophysical interpretation suggests that the southern portion of the property is underlain by the northwestern extension of the Fenelon felsic volcanic complex and the northwestern-most portion of the GUC. The northern portion of the property exhibits patterns suggestive of folding and dismemberment of the GUC as a result of emplacement of the Jérémie batholith and the rocks of the Opatica Subprovince. The occurrence of ultramafic rocks forming part of or related to the GUC indicate the potential for the discovery of nickel-copper-PGM sulphide mineralization (similar to the Grasset deposit). As well, the Fenelon felsic volcanic complex trending onto the southern part Jérémie property indicate the potential for Cu-Zn VMS mineralization. To date, only minor occurrences of pyrite, pyrrhotite and sphalerite (Zn-sulphide) have been noted in drilling. 

    Maps & Images (click to enlarge)

    Massive Sulphide
    Massive Sulphide - Close up
    Regional Overview Geology
  • Maps & Figures
    GUC MAG and Boundaries

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