Hwy 810, Québec, Canada

Project Snapshot


Early exploration stage


16 km southwest of the former producing Selbaie Cu-Zn-Ag-Au mine


Base metals (VMS), silver and gold


100% Wallbridge

Current exploration activities:

Review of project data for exploration targeting

Mineral Resources:


  • Overview

    The Hwy 810 project is a 250 km2 land package acquired with the acquisition of Balmoral Resources Ltd. The project is located between the active Casa Berardi gold mine (Hecla Mining), the former producing Estrades gold-rich VMS deposit and the Selbaie Cu-Zn-Ag-Au deposit in West Central, Québec. 

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    Regional Overview Geology
  • Current Program

    There are currently no plans for exploration work in 2020.

  • Brief History

    Since the first recorded exploration activities in 1958, approximately 15 companies have worked on some portion of the larger land package. Work by individual companies commonly consisted of ground geophysical surveys (magnetics and IP) with limited follow-up diamond drilling. Work completed by Teck Explorations Ltd. in 1985-1986 on the Groupe D’Orvilliers-Desmazures domain in the southern part of the property tested the VMS potential of parts of the domain with 84 diamond drill holes and 259 overburden RC drill holes. In 1986, a regional scale airborne magnetics and EM survey was flown over the northern Abitibi belt and provided a much better understanding of the magnetic domains and defined numerous EM conductor trends.

    Balmoral Resources Ltd. staked the property in 2016 and has only carried out limited exploration, including IP surveys in 2018. These surveys identified several IP anomalies which have yet to be drill tested. 

  • Geology and Mineralization

    The Hwy 810 property extends across parts of three major east-west trending Archean aged geological domains and contains regionally extensive structural elements similar to those hosting significant gold deposits elsewhere in the Abitibi region. Due to extensive overburden and lack of outcrops through the region, little is known about the geology outside of information gained from geophysical surveys and historical drilling.

    The northern-most domain is comprised dominantly of mafic volcanics and gabbroic intrusions of the Groupe d’Enjalran-Bapst. The domain also contains local interbeds of graphitic mudstone and intermediate-felsic volcanic tuffs. These units strike roughly east-west and dip steeply to sub-vertically towards the north. 

    The central domain is dominated by wackes and mudstones of the Groupe Taibi, which also contains local banded iron formations, conglomerates and lenses of tuffaceous volcanics. These units strike roughly east-west and dip steeply towards the north. Local mafic and felsic dikes have been reported in some historic drill holes.

    The final domain covers the southern portion of the property and has been the focus of the majority of historic exploration as it contains the greatest concentration of EM conductors. The Groupe d’Orvilliers-Desmazures is comprised of mafic volcanics with interbedded pyrite-rich graphitic mudstones and isolated intermediate-felsic tuffaceous volcanics. The eastern part of this domain is intruded by the intermediate composition Pluton d’Orvilliers along a regional structural corridor.

    There are six known mineral occurrences located through the property which contain anomalous gold, silver, copper, zinc or iron. Three of these occurrences contain gold in settings consistent with mesothermal style gold systems. 

    Two occurrences in the Groupe d’Orvilliers-Desmazures domain are more consistent with VMS settings and contain base metal anomalies. In addition to this, there are several known VMS deposits in the region including the former producing Selbaie Cu-Zn-Ag-Au mine (1982-2005: production 45 Mt at 1% Cu, 2% Zn and 39 g/t Ag) located 16 km NNE of the centre point of the property, and the former producing Estrades Zn-Au mine (1990-91 production: 174,946 tonnes at 12.9% Zn, 6.4 g/t Au, 1.1% Cu and 172.3 g/t Ag) located 20 km ESE of the centre point of the property.

    One final occurrence, within the Groupe Taibi domain, is characterized by banded iron formations.

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    Regional Overview Geology
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