Our People

2021 Sustainability Report

Our people are the foundation of Wallbridge’s success and the key to our sustainability. 

Wallbridge is a values- based company with strong, differentiated culture that is maintained and strengthened through our leader and every team member. 

We attract, retain and develop people who want to make a real difference through the work we do. Together, we create an inclusive workplace where we hold ourselves and each other to account to demonstrate our values.

Diversity and Inclusion: Our Foundation For Success

At Wallbridge Mining, we believe in embracing a diverse culture as a powerful core value, creating an environment that strives to be inclusive of all peoples regardless of gender, race, identity or religion. This commitment and spirit of equity as a steadfast principle that fuels our organization. We also believe that diversity is founded on respect and demonstrated by how we treat our Stakeholders. As a company, we know a positive corporate culture is an ongoing journey. That is why we pledge to constantly strive to be a better company as it relates to diversity and inclusion and ensure this journey continues to evolve.

Our Approach

We are committed to creating value for our shareholders by operating with high standards and transparency in a safe, socially and environmentally responsible manner while contributing to the wellbeing of our employees and the sustainable development of our host communities   



We believe trust and transparency are essential to the way we operate.



We foster a safety culture where people do the right thing for themselves and those around them.



We treat Natural Resources with care so that they are available for Future Generations.



We are committed to work sensitively and partnering with host communities to create wellbeing.

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We believe trust and transparency are essential to the way we operate.

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Wallbridge Mining Company Limited is an equal opportunity employer.

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