Safety, Health, Environment, and Community

Wallbridge is committed to operating in an ethical manner that prioritizes health and safety, preserves the natural environment, and recognizes the concerns of stakeholders and First Nations communities.

At Wallbridge, we acknowledge our acknowledge our activities have the potential to expose our employees, contractors and communities to health and safety risks and work diligently to identify these risks and ensure adequate controls are in place to mitigate them. 

The Company ensures that all employees are trained and instructed in their assigned tasks and that safety procedures are followed at all times. The importance of ethical behavior and preservation of the natural environment is stressed to all employees and contractors. Everyone is charged with monitoring operations to ensure work is carried out in a responsible manner.

Good relationships and open communication with local stakeholders are benefit to all, allowing early identification and mitigation of any possible negative impacts of activities, and facilitating permitting of operations. Wallbridge consults regularly with local stakeholder groups and actively engages with local First Nations.

Wallbridge has a noteworthy record with regard to the protection of the environment. In recognition of its leadership and accomplishment in the protection and preservation of the environment, the Company received the Environmental & Social Responsibility Award by the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada ("PDAC") in 2004 for its exemplary care of and commitment to preserving the natural and local environment during its exploratory drilling on Windy Lake in the Sudbury area. Wallbridge also subscribes to the Environmental Excellence in Exploration (E3) program of the PDAC. 

Wallbridge is committed to carrying out its activities in a socially responsible and ethical manner, that prioritises health and safety, engages local communities and minimises the impacts to the natural environment. In doing so, the Company meets or exceeds all applicable laws and regulations as outlined in its Safety, Health, Environmental and Community Relations Policy.

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